Gary Lovelace is a Texas-based artist who specializes in paintings that emulate an uncanny sense of reality. He began developing his skills as a child, inspired by the brilliant work of both his mother and grandfather. Influenced further by the work of the masters, personal study in Europe, and constant exploration and experimentation, Gary has cultivated a style that is evocative, unique, and ever evolving. His primary goal is to bring paintings to life, and leave viewers with a sense of heightened reality that goes beyond basic photorealism. To see the works in person is to have a visceral experience.

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4411 Spicewood Springs Rd
Using his own innovative style, Gary strives to preserve the time-honored traditions established by the great portrait painters of the past, committing to their sense of passion and respect for the medium. A well-executed oil painting can last for ages, marking it with a magical quality of immortality.

Gary Lovelace has been painting professional portraits for over 20 years. Versatile in style and skilled in a variety of media, he also provides murals, illustration, and other art services.