Provide your favorite pictures and ideas.
It is best to have a couple of photo options. This helps me see all aspects of the person/pet being painted. Be sure the picture isn't blurry or low resolution. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect one!

I really enjoyed painting this lovely moment of a child and his dogs. I adjusted the lines of the window and fixed the perspective so that it worked beautifully as a painting. I have found that what looks fine in a photo will look off in a painting. Furthermore I softened the tones and gave it a magical feel.

I absolutely loved painting this photo which was provided by the client. The subject matter was great and I loved the fact that the client had commissioned it for her husband as a gift. Apparently, it is her husbands favorite picture as it accurately reflects each of their kids personalities. Great fun!
 A challenge I occasionally come across with candid shots like this is that they can be distorted. Using a camera you are subjected to a wall-eye effect. Observing closely you will notice that the kids look as if they are leaning outward, their bodies get smaller towards the bottom-to the right of the photo.  With a photo our brains accept this as we know it is real but with a painting it creates unlikely quirks and obvious flaws.
To overcome this for the final result, I straightened the kids form and expanded the lower parts of their bodies. This gives the impression they are standing right in front of you.

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Watercolors look amazing when a photo has dramatic shadows. I love the way watercolor illuminates the darks and lights and has a crisp natural flow.