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Murals and Decorative Art

Mural art is one of the most rewarding ways to liven up your home or business. The time-honored tradition of mural and trompe l'oeil painting has adorned walls of homes, palaces, and community centers since before written history, and for good reason. A skillfully painted mural adds amazing depth and interest to what would otherwise be a simple flat wall.

Gary Lovelace has been creating unique, artistic interiors for over 20 years. With a combination of master artistic ability, expert craftsmanship, and extensive historic research, Gary can transform your space into the fantastic backdrop of your dreams.
Murals at Aldino's restaurant San Antonio
Mural on a curved wall in a residence.
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Murals in Cafeteria.
In this new and changing economy, the only thing separating you from the online market, and cookie cutter corporate establishments is the experience you bring to your customer. If you want to compete, you must think of yourself as an entertainment business. What makes you special? What is going to make a customer desire to get in their car and come to you rather than click an app on their phone? Anyone can sell a product, but not everyone can give an experience, and now more than ever, people are craving something different and stimulating. Ironically, now that we have everything at our fingertips and have no need to leave the house, we want more than ever to have some place to go. Customers want to be stimulated and entertained. In the past, your business needed to be easy. Customers wanted to get what they wanted without hassle, but now they can do that with Amazon. Now, they want to be enticed. They chose to go to a store or restaurant for visual stimulation. Give them an experience that gives them a reason to come back.
Mural of old Kerrville Texas at One Schreiner Center
Murals at Kerrville Bible Church.