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Murals for medical facilities

Murals are a beautiful solution for mental Hospitals. Unfortunately, because of safety concerns, they are not allowed to hang art or have any kind of decoration that can be picked up or removed. Also, many of the rooms have frosted glass. Therefore the rooms are very plain with empty walls and no visibility outside. Murals are a great way to add depth and interest to the room without risking the safety of the patients.
I make the murals as realistic as possible so that they get a true feeling of being able to see outside. It is so rewarding hearing the comments from the patients and staff. They absolutely love the murals. I was approached the other day by one of the nurses who said she used to work at a hospital that had nothing on the walls and it felt so claustrophobic. She appreciated the fact that this hospital had so many beautiful paintings to look at.
They are also nice in nursing homes where there are people who can't easily go outside.
Hospital day room murals.
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